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Concrete Recycling

Concrete Recycling Sydney - Quarry & Recycled Product Supply & Delivery

A patented concrete waste bin solution

For all Infrastructure Projects, Concrete Plants, Major Builders, Major High-Rise Builders and Precast Panel companies operating within the Australian Concrete Industry, it is a known fact that return concrete cannot be escaped. The ability to manage returns comes with its own challenges, and Extreme Waste Solutions (EWS) has developed a solution for most of these challenges – all at a lower cost compared to other available methods.

EWS leads the way in recycling and resource recovery and offers the highest quality concrete recycling in the Sydney metro and surrounding areas. We offer an efficient commercial and industrial waste recycling and processing service whilst also manufacturing and supplying high-quality sustainable products to the industry for use in a variety of applications, such as road, rail, construction, infrastructure upgrades and major civil projects.

Together with our extensive network, we are the first-choice supplier for all concrete projects of all sizes, offering a quality product with competitive pricing and excellent service.

What is concrete recycling?

Concrete recycling is the reuse of rubble from demolished concrete structures. Recycling is a cheaper and more environmentally friendly solution than trucking rubble to landfill.

By recycling concrete, crushed gravel can be repurposed to create road gravel, revetments, retaining walls, landscaping gravel or raw materials for new concrete.

How our concrete waste bins work

Designed for concrete waste recycling and equipped with a patented technology and non-stick coating, our concrete recycling bins ensure there is no contamination of concrete, providing an end-product that can then be taken to EWS’s recovery and recycling centres to be repurposed into recycled concrete products, reducing landfill, and giving waste products a new lease on life.

By choosing to work with EWS, companies benefit from a 24-hour pickup and delivery service with empty bins always available during peak hours of operations, assisting in better utilisation of the concrete agitator (agi) fleet whilst also improving safety, environmental impact, and company logistics.

When it comes to safety, these bins have been designed to eliminate roll-over risk through the non-stick coating lining and unique patented technology of the bin.

As the bins are not lined with any builders’ plastics or products that could contaminate the load, all concrete returns can be fully recycled, reducing your environmental impact.

How these bins could save you money

If a company spends 2 hours per load moving concrete waste from their plants to tip sites and repeats this process 100 times in a month, the use of EWS concrete skip bins will return 200 hours of capacity to their fleet per month. In addition to this, they’d no longer need to pay the km rate from job to tip site as agis could return to the plant immediately.

A patented concrete waste bin solution

We offer skip bin hire for a wide range of recycled concrete products that include recycled road bases, recycled aggregates and pugmill materials.

Where do we offer our concrete recycling bin services?

As the fastest and most reliable skin bin hire company in the Sydney metro area, we take pride in offering all our products and services for clients located in the Sydney metro and surrounding areas.
To find out if we offer our services in your area, call 02 9060 7373 today.

‘If you are a user of concrete, the cost of return concrete is expensive. The return cost per cubic meter and deposal fee equates to a substantial amount of money.


Our Recycled Concrete Products

We offer skip bin hire for a wide range of recycled concrete products that include –

Recycled Road Bases







R73 HBB (MB20)


20 mm Hard Road

Recycled Aggregates


10mm Recycled Aggregate


20mm Recycled Aggregate


40/20 Recycled Aggregate


Recycled Sand

Pugmill Materials


Water Modified DGB20


Cement Stabilised DGB


R73 Heavily Bound Base


Cement Stabilised Sand

For more information about our recycled concrete materials or to get a FREE quote, call 1800-60-61-61 today.

Where Do We Offer Our Products & Services?

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